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  April 28
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  April 24
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ANZAC Day Parade
  April 18
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RBL Veterans Day Parade
  April 17
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178 Pro Coy (Inv)
  April 16
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  April 10
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  April 2
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  April 2
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175 Pro Coy
  March 26
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  March 25
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J. Winstanley
  March 24
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Coleraine Meeting
  March 22
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Peter Henry - RHC

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Welcome to the RMPA Northern Ireland

About Us

In common with our 38 sister branches, The Northern Ireland Branch of The Royal Military Police Association exists to promote a lasting bond of friendship between past and present members of the Military Police, and for the relief of members and their families in times of need. It is funded from contributions and investment income which is used to benefit members and deserving causes.

On the island of Ireland, we are particularly proud of our support and close connection to the Republic  of Ireland Branch of the Royal Military Police Association and Irish Defence Force Military Police Association.

Join Our Branch

With a strong active membership that physically meets in Lisburn each month, the Northern Ireland Branch also encourages virtual membership via the ‘Members’ Only’ area of its website. This two stranded approach to membership is not only intended to maintain close bonds of friendship between comrades, but also to commemorate and remember those members or former members of The Royal Military Police and all others of HM Armed Forces and civilian police and emergency services, who have lost their lives or suffered injury, or put themselves at risk of loss of life or injury, in service to the public on the island of Ireland and elsewhere.

If you are a former or serving member of the Royal Military Police, with either military service or family ties in Northern Ireland and wish to keep in touch with old friends and colleagues, or simply make new ones, you can join RMPA NI Branch via this website. Annual membership costs £10 for those living in either Northern or Southern Ireland and £5 for members living on the UK mainland or farther afield.

Please complete the application for RMPA NI Branch membership which is accessible from the link at left. Membership of the Branch gives full access to the ‘Members Only’ area of this website.

If you have any other enquiries about the RMPA in Northern Ireland, please use the 'contact us' link, or if you prefer, simply email us direct at the email address shown on the right.

Thank you for visiting us.


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